Thieves have made our lives even harder

I would like through your paper to thank the thieves who broke into two sheds in Ingrams Farm allotments.

They have stolen my husband’s red and green petrol mower which he had saved very hard for.

They even stole from the other shed tea, coffee, sugar and even the gas stove to make the tea on.

This is the only break he gets because he is my full -time carer.

I hope they are pleased with themselves as all other allotment owners work very hard to grow their own food in this rough time with limited money.

So thank you to the thieves for making ours and the other people’s lives just a little bit harder by stealing our belongings which now my husband has to save again because of you lot.

This is the second time you lot have broken into our allotments and stolen things – please leave our allotment alone as you aren’t going to help replace the things, are you? And the police can’t do anything.


Crowhurst Lane