These we have lost in Hastings

I HAVE lived in Hastings all my 42 years and have defended the town in discussions about how run- down it is on a number of occasions.

However, on a recent visit to my sister in Liphook, Hampshire, she took us to Petersfield Lido and the following day to Guildford Lido.

They were both incredibly clean and safe, with ice-creams, sunbeds, ‘old fashioned’ changing cubicles, toilet and baby facilities and lovely seating/lounging areas.

It reminded me that we too had that in Hastings – now a field; we too had an ice skating rink that I used to spend many a Saturday night - now boarded up.

Why are we spending money on new offices that are empty when the seaside tourist attractions we once had can be rebuilt? It would generate oodles of income for the town and make it stand out once again as the place for families to head for – and don’t even get me started on the pier!


Harlequin Gardens

St Leonards