There’s too much noise everywhere these days, but I do like the muzak in supermarket

From: Richard Jenyon, St Helens Park Road, Hastings

It used to be so much simpler

The letters regarding the continuous drumming from the Old Town is very much in keeping with our society now.

Once upon a time there used to be a one-day Hastings carnival where all the town used to attend and the loudest noise came from the Glockenspiels and the carnival queen cheers.

There used to be a firework display on November 5 – bring your own cherryade. That lasted a day too .

Car radios were only just audible to the drivers, you never hear Mozart on these car radio sub woofers these days either. Mother used to prepare sandwiches and a flask for a day on the beach.

Now you have many mega acrid smelling barbecues with three-course meals where everyone benefits from the smoke and the debris left

Young men make a lot of noise too fuelled by energy drinks riding hell for leather on their lawnmower engine scooters . And the list goes on... However, I do like to hear The Rolling Stones in the background when I visit that town centre supermarket.