There is a lack of fire engines in Hastings

Your letters to the newspaper
Your letters to the newspaper

From: Eric Waters, Ingleside Crescent, Lancing

Following a fire at St Helen’s Wood Road last December, the Observer published a letter from me under the heading ‘Fire service does not work well’.

In it I explained that Hastings was only able to send two appliances to that out-break and had to call for assistance from four other fire stations, two of which were over 15 miles away.

Now there has been another massive fire in the town and, yet again, appliances from other fire stations had to travel into the town to bring it under control, this time not only from Bexhill, Battle, Broad Oak and Pevensey but also from Brighton, which is nearly 40 miles away. How long did that one take to get to the fire?

Lives, thankfully, were not lost in either of these fires but they could have been because the town no longer has the number of appliances that it had in the past.

I concluded that letter by calling upon Amber Rudd to fulfil her promise, that the people of Hastings would always be her first priority, by ensuring that the town has the fire and rescue cover that it needs and deserves.

She did not respond to that appeal but, hopefully, she will this time. Or doesn’t she read the Observer?