The wrong place

WHILE I sympathise with the anti-Link Road protestors I feel that it is a shame that they are emphasising the ‘anti-road’ aspect. I believe a more important point is that this is the wrong road in the wrong place.

Hastings needs improved links but much more important are the link to London via the A21, which in places is little more than a country lane, and greatly improved rail links.

Despoiling an environmentally important valley to divert traffic away from the Bexhill Rd to a congested Baldslow junction with the A21 and onto the Ridge, with its hospital, schools and fire station seems to me to be a disastrous decision.

The main problem lies with the local topography and this is where the earlier proposal for a bypass (emerging at Guestling) failed. What is really needed is a road bypassing Hastings, Winchelsea and Rye but with good links to these towns. This would require long-term strategic thinking.

The link road may line the pockets of a few developers but seems unlikely to provide many jobs while other links are so bad and is an expensive sticking plaster solution when a full scale operation is needed.


Austen Way