The sick and their visitors pay to park

READING Dennis Moon’s letter (Observer, July 13) about the follies of the council’s parking restrictions in Hastings, what about the surrounding area? After yellow lines were painted right up to the road in the side entrance/exit of the Conquest Hospital car park I now see there is a plan to yellow line the main road past the Conquest on The Ridge where some patients and visitors and staff have parked for years.

This is a wide road and there are several other areas where parking is allowed that are a lot more narrow and dangerous such as the bottom of Filsham/Bexhill Road area and several others too.

But the council in its wisdom and possibly in cahoots with the Conquest parking arrangements whereby the sick and their visitors are fleeced daily, the decision to restrict parking by the hospital has apparently been made and even in place by now possibly.

I feel that a really caring hospital would not make the sick pay to park anyway, even if its visitors had to pay in aid of the coffers of the NHS but it seems the NHS doesn’t know what to do with all our money we give anyway; it can’t even feed and water our sick.


Duke Street