The Ridge cannot take any more development in Hastings

From: Erica Barrett, Chairman, Pilot Field Area, Residents’ Association [PFARA], The Ridge, Hastings

Hallelujah! Last week’s Observer brought tidings of great joy to us Ridge-dwellers and all those whose daily lives depend upon this ancient trackway which is now The Ridge road.

For over 30 years our pleas for moderation in developments and for the provision of infrastructure have fallen upon the apparently deliberately deaf ears of councillors of every political persuasion.

At last, as you report, it seems that the plan to build 140 homes by The Ridge’s Harrow Pub roundabout has made councillors realise 
that even The Ridge cannot be the permanent default landing place for almost every major development in Hastings.

While councillors ‘raised concerns about ... schools and doctors’ surgeries’, interestingly no one mentioned the Conquest Hospital!

Anyone who has been stuck in the gridlocked traffic between the Conquest and Harrow roundabouts could tell planners that any scheme to put more housing dependent on The Ridge there is lunacy.

While councillors ‘defer’ this plan for ‘clarification’ of its impact, please could they also at last ‘defer’ all development around The Ridge until they have looked at the devastating impact of what they have already permitted, nay, encouraged?

Such as the Hastings Town Plan for 100 homes behind St. Helen’s Church and alongside The Ridge’s acute and narrow bend just west of the church. The Ridge will be the only route in and out.

Also, councillors need to walk along The Ridge in order to discover that there are only two controlled pedestrian crossings on its entire five-mile length.

Nor does the Town Plan show any supporting infrastructure or ‘public benefit’ for any of the present or proposed developments, not even for the planned massive industrial expansion at Ivyhouse Lane.

Planners, now that you have finally paused for thought, please join the real world that the rest of us have to live in and call a permanent halt to all developments that would depend entirely upon The Ridge!