The debt we owe to mathematics genius

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EVERY one of us who uses a computer today owes a debt of gratitude to the mathematical genius Alan Turing.

It is a great shame that this amazing local man was not only convicted of a crime that fortunately is no longer on the statute book but should never have been illegal. I can only try to imagine the anguish that this man suffered that led him to end his own life two years later.

At the time suicide was also a criminal offence although fortunately is no longer.

His family and loved ones must have suffered greatly to see such a marvellous man driven out of this world by the bigoted laws of the last century.

Iain Stewart, Amber Rudd and Barbara Martin should be thanked for their efforts to see that, in the anniversary year of his birth, this great man is not forgotten.


Verulam Place

St Leonards