Thanks to good Samaritans

ON Tuesday, April 8 at approximately 3pm to 3.30pm on returning from walking my dogs, I had crossed Bohemia Road from the bus stop to the corner of De Cham Road when I had a fall on the pavement, banging my head and injuring one hand and knee, causing quite a bit of abrasion and bleeding.

Through your newspaper I would like to thank the couple who stopped their car to come to my aid, also the two girls walking their dog, and the mums passing by who gave wet wipes to help clean me up.

I am in my 70s and realise now that I should probably have had an ambulance but I managed to get a friend (with the use of one of the helpers’ mobiles) to take me to hospital. I had marvellous treatment at A&E and was out within two hours.

This action by all these good Samaritans proves that in the main people do care, and I can’t thank them enough.


St Catherine’s Close

St Leonards