Thanks to everyone involved

Dee-Day, Tush, Charlie and wives Beverley, Pat and Trish would like to thank all the people who attended the very moving parade on Saturday morning (November 15) in Hastings Old Town of the Priscilla MacBean.

Thanks to Jonathan Mendenhall for his narration and Father Featherstone for his service and blessing of her. Thanks also to PC Mark Charlton and PCSO John Tucker for their help and support.

What a day for Hastings history in the making! In 70 years I cannot recall Eastbourne, Rye and Hastings being so close.

How simple the crane driver made his job look after the parade.

There are too many people to thank, you all know who you are and what you did.

We apologise for the traffic delay but we are sure you will say it was worth the wait.

Today (Friday, November 21) at 6pm the Mayor and Jeremy Birch will be switching on the lights on your new 94-year-old lifeboat. Events like this certainly put Hastings on the map.

Thanks again to everyone concerned.

Dee-Day White

All Saint’s Crescent