Thanks to centre staff

MAY I, through your publication, express the heartfelt thanks of the ‘service users’ that attend the Isabel Blackman Centre to the staff, currently under threat of redeployment or redundancy, for continuing to conduct themselves in such an exemplary manner providing the level of service that they do.

We consider ourselves most fortunate to have received day care from these wonderful people who have created a family atmosphere, in a safe haven, which to many has become a lifeline during their later, and in some cases lonely, years. This has been achieved while bringing together people from widely varying backgrounds.

I would, particularly, like to thank Charlotte, Mary and Tony while acknowledging the immensely caring ethos adopted by all the staff in undertaking tasks over and above those required by their contractual obligations. It marks a sad day for us that some of this wider ‘family’ will be lost to us because of the current political climate.

To quote Oscar Wilde: “What is the definition of a cynic? A man who knows the cost of everything, but the value of nothing.”


Rushmere Rise

St Leonards