Thanks from a halfmarathon runner

I AM writing to say what a wonderful experience it is to visit such a super, friendly place that Hastings and St Leonards is.

I have now run in seven half-marathons in your lovely town, and each year, as I get slower, the experience gets better.

The race is superbly organised, superbly supported by the townspeople, of all ages, the competitors are helpful, and the marshals are so friendly and supportive.

On two previous occasions I have run the London Marathon in support of Macmillan, and am doing so this year.

I would like to thank the Hastings Lions for all their hard work. I should also like to add a word of thanks to Azur, which was very kind in allowing me to use its facilities.

I will run again next year (God willing. At my age of 76 you never know).


Harley Old Road