Thanks for police’s assistance

I WOULD like to take this opportunity to thank the police and their team for all the assistance in dealing with an incident on April 1, 2014 where I had my handbag stolen while shopping in Iceland Food Store in Hastings town centre.

At 86 years of age this was quite a traumatic experience for me. In my handbag not only do I carry my essentials but also important lifelong belongings and irreplaceable photos of my late husband which are far more important to me than money. Although I am a pensioner living on a budget and cannot afford to lose any amount of money.

Not only did you catch the thieves you managed to return my handbag to me and this in turn led to the apology letters from them. I can only hope that the embarrassment caused by their actions will have a lasting effect on them and they will not be tempted to repeat the crime.

I know the police do not always get positive press, but on this occasion I can only thank you for the speed, professionalism, supportive and courteous manner in which you dealt with the whole incident from start to finish.

Thanks again to you, PC Haddock and PC Browne.


Edmund Road