Thanks for overwhelming support

I WOULD like to thank the people of Hastings for their overwhelming support of our naked bike ride on Sunday.

I just remember a sea of smiling faces cheering and clapping our riders. But then, these rides are always popular and people flock to see them. Our thanks are also due to Sussex Police and Hasting Borough Council for their support.

The nudity is a fun and imaginative way of protesting about our over-dependence on fossil fuels and emphasises the vulnerability of cyclists in traffic. Of course, there are the few who object to our nudity, but they can always look away, we are soon gone.

In fact, it is perfectly lawful to be naked in public provided it is ‘simple nudity’ i.e. not sexual and not aggressive. It is great to live in a country where the people have such an instinct for freedom and tolerance. See you all next year.


Tunbridge Wells