Thanks for help to feed needy

CONGRATULATIONS to the Seaview Project (on the corner of Hatherley Road and Southwater Road), as reported by you in the Observer (January 31), for raising more funds to feed marginalised individuals.

Thank you also for your separate article about the Museum Art Exhibition of photographs of service users and the touching comment, “They’re my family”.

Unfortunately you may have once again inadvertently spread confusion about the name of local buildings. The Southwater (Area) Community Centre is a separate building less than 70 metres away and distinctively “Salmon” coloured.

Here, next to Platform 2 of Warrior Square station we only occasionally provide free meals. One such date is Saturday, February 15 when a new gallery is opening; previously advertised as the Hastings Pier Fire and Community Development Gallery (as per a letter in your paper on December 20).

For political reasons the gallery name has greatly changed; it is the #2066 #Timebanking Gallery. Vacancies exist for performers and life models for every day the gallery is open. A folk singer from Scotland ( is due to perform the free gig after the free buffet on February 15 for those who have booked by texting confirmation from 07807 70 66 202 or registering on or on the Hastings 2066 Timebank Facebook page.

Thank you again for this opportunity to correct things and announce a new phase of Community Projects in the Gensing area, north of Warrior Square station.



St Leonards Sharing Consortium

Southwater Area Community Centre

Stainsby Street

St Leonards