Thanks for help following crash

I WAS a passenger in a car driven by my friend when we were hit head on by a car that was out of control and on the wrong side of Bexhill Road on Sunday, July 14. The driver behind us could not stop and we were hit for a second time by his vehicle.

My friend’s car has been written off, and we were both extremely lucky not to have been killed or seriously injured. My friend, myself, and the driver of the out of control car were all taken, by ambulance, to the trauma unit at the Conquest Hospital.

The time of the accident was about 5.30am, and I understand that the road was still closed until at least 7am.

I would like to give thanks to those who helped; firstly to some residents in Bexhill Road who gave assistance at the scene, calling the emergency services and ensuring that we got out of the vehicles at quickly and safely as possible.

Next I’d like to thank the paramedics and the police who arrived at the scene who set our minds at ease as they treated us prior to taking us to hospital.

On arrival at the hospital the doctors and nurses there could not have been more caring. We were given every attention during our several hours of intensive examinations.


St George’s Road