Thanks for good service

I WOULD like to express my thanks for the excellent service provided by MV Hardware Limited in London Road, St Leonards.

My son was about to embark on a three-week nationwide concert tour and the straps on his trombone case had come adrift. I decided to try to repair this using rivets but not owning a rivet gun my husband telephoned MV Hardware (this was on Easter Monday) and they had one in stock.

On arrival I spoke to the owner of the shop telling him what I needed the tool for. He advised me what size rivets would be best and also that I would need washers to complete the job satisfactorily. The other good thing about the shop was not only the personal attention I received but also that I was able to purchase only the amount of rivets and washers required instead of buying packs with far too many.

Having given up owning a car my husband and I have done more shopping using our local shops than ever before. I must say it has proved to be a very good decision as we have discovered good service and friendly helpful advice.

We still do our bulk shopping online from the supermarket but now do our best to support our local shops whenever possible.

Again renewed thanks to MV Hardware for their helpful advice in what has proved to be a successful repair job.


London Road

St Leonards