Thank you for your kind donations

FIRSTLY, on behalf of the Charity For Kids, a sincere thank you for all your kind donations in our recent cycle ride.

As anticipated, it was not the cycling that concerned us, but fatigue that made it a little more than a cycling challenge. Cycling through the night, not really knowing where we were heading for, relying on sat navs is not easy, but when the temperature unexpectedly falls from +2 to -4, we experienced some problems.

A few had to be rescued for mild exposure, not helped by the fact that a normal 100-mile, eight-hour ride took 12 or more hours.

The theory of only one team cycling at any one time in relays was soon abandoned, culminating in most riders only being able to sleep a maximum of four hours over the three days, and yet we had to drive the campers and support vehicles for hours through four countries.

This was quite irresponsible and dangerous due to obvious tiredness, but everyone just got on with it without any major injuries.

So 34 riders have raised £25,000 for the charity and you have been part of it. As for cycling, I will continue with the sport but only on the warmer days!


Roberts Country Vehicles Ltd

East Peckham