Thank you for rescuing our Poppy

WE would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to Chris, and his son Joe, of Tackleway, who came to the rescue of Poppy (the Lakeland terrier) who had managed to strand herself on the cliff above Rock-a-Nore on Sunday.

Poppy lost her usual panache and panicked when she found she couldn’t back up or turn around to get to her starting point.

Chris climbed up to attempt to entice her into his arms, and when this failed, he managed to pull himself up onto the cliff, picked Poppy up and carried her safely back across the hill and down again.

This action by someone who could easily have passed on by, but instead gave up an hour of his time, typifies the spirit of people of Hastings, as we have experienced it. And we just can’t thank him, and his son, enough.


Pelham Crescent