Thank you

I WOULD like to thank all the kind people of Hastings, Crowhurst and Battle (and further afield) who helped me find Seth, a fox terrier, who went missing on Tuesday, March 11 while being walked in Church in the


It was thanks to the concerned woman who rang me early on Wednesday to tell me she’d seen him running around in Blackman Avenue, the man at the bus stop who saw him in Wishing Tree Road, and the man who pulled over in his van to say he’d seen him on Battle Road that I eventually found him, exhausted, limping along Battle Road after his 36-hour marathon.

I’d like to thank all the people who tried to catch him, and all the people who phoned, put posters in their shops, gave me well wishes and even a hug. I am of course delighted to be reunited with Seth. I will be removing the posters I put up in those locations, but please feel free to take them down if you pass one as I covered quite a bit of ground myself that day.

Seth is recovering from his ordeal, getting plenty of rest and is happy to be home. Thanks again to all you kind and generous souls who put me on his trail and kept my spirits up.


Waterworks Road