Thank goodness for honest souls

ON the evening of Thursday, November 21 I lost one of a pair of expensive leather gloves.

My wife, retracing my footsteps the following afternoon, found the lost glove that some considerate soul had kindly placed on top of the parking meter machine in Robertson Street.

May I use your columns please to thank that person?

This event reminds me of two previous occasions. I was returning from my office in Eastbourne one evening. Before setting out I had inadvertently left my large leather filofax on the soft top of my 4 x 4. I drove off.

Some days later I received a telephone call from a business colleague (whose business card was in the filofax) to say that it had been found at the roadside at the Pevensey Roundabout where, when negotiating the roundabout, it must have fallen off the roof.

I’d like to think that said something about my driving, despite the stupidity in leaving it on the roof in the first place. At all events it cost me a bottle of red to replenish the wine my colleague had given to the finder.

On the third occasion I had left my gloves on the roof of another car when filling up at the Pevensey roundabout petrol station.

The following morning the pair of gloves, none the worse for wear, were to be found on the central reservation at the roundabout.

Now I know why mothers of young children thread elastic through the sleeves of children’s coats to which the gloves are then attached

A sincere thank you for the honesty displayed.


Halley Court

London Road

St Leonards