Tenants under the cosh

There was no need for the unsigned landlord to conceal his identity (‘We need more social housing for tenants’, Letters, March 27).

We are all grappling to resolve a fundamental social issue which has gone badly awry. Laudable as his attempt was to strike a balance, your correspondent didn’t really hit the mark. While he correctly identifies the source of the problem - deregulation and forced sale of council housing (see also my letter of February 13) - he doesn’t connect with his own buy-to-let situation.

Renting must be about the only field where it is the purchaser of a service who finds himself under a host of obligations, insecurities and threats.

It isn’t just anecdotal evidence which points to more than a few bad apples - the fruit cart is overloaded. I would refer you to the Big Tenant Survey 2014 and to the appalling recent blogspot of the Residential Landlords’ Association which was reported last month. A tipping point is being reached in the fight back by tenants.

Stephen Jackson

Bexhill Road

St Leonards