Tell me what you see in the picture

The image captured
The image captured

MAY through the pages of your fine publication I thank all of your readers who contacted me regarding the ‘UFO’ pictureprinted in the Observer.

This has led to a steady stream of people recounting their own weird experiences in the Observer group area and I may well put these together for a publication next year.

I wonder if you would print another picture that the people that I have shown it to find fascinating and individuals see many interpretations of what could be energy, a spiritual form or just a trick of the light.

It was in fact taken in darkness with no flash after a seance I had conducted in my front living room, where, for several years, all of our cats have behaved strangely at some point often with their hair standing on end.

Personally I have seen the apparition of what appears to be a teenager in reasonably modern dress on several occasions and my feeling is that the spirit may have followed me from one of my haunted site visits and has no other connection with our flat. She isn’t scary.

So come on readers. I want your ghosts and most importantly what you see in the picture. I reiterate. It is not a trick picture.

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