Tastes change with the times

I WENT with friends for a splendid Christmas Day lunch at Fairlight Lodge Hotel. I asked for leg of turkey and, if possible, a Parson’s Nose.

Nicola, our excellent host, said the butcher only supplied white meat nowadays (what happens to all the delicious legs?), and asked me, what was a Parson’s Nose?

Well! Sensitive readers turn away now. It’s the wobbly, fatty bit at the back, just over the tailpipe, from which the tail feathers sprouted. In my childhood you either loathed it or fought another sibling and Dad for this tasty, juicy morsel. How times and tastes change.

By the way, I hear that Goobble, the internet search engine used by turkeys, has had to close. Its revenue-stream has suddenly quite gone.


The Bourne