Surprised at link road support

I WAS a little surprised to read in last week’s Observer a letter from a member of the general public actually supporting the link road, as it is the first I can actually recall having seen.

I suppose the politicians can claim to be representing at least one person with this ill-conceived project. Having recently walked over the area affected by the construction work, it has brought home how much an act of countryside vandalism it really is.

Mr Mitchell is taking a leaf out of the politicians’ book with his reference to businesses benefiting, since there has been not a scrap of hard evidence produced to that effect.

It difficult to see how this road, which can hardly be described as a by-pass, and does nothing to improve access to Hastings or Bexhill from elsewhere, is likely to affect any business thinking one way or the other.

If Mr Mitchell or others think that the link road will provide any long-term solution to the congestion on Bexhill Road, then there is plenty of evidence that simply building more roads does not solve anything, and actually increases the overall amount of traffic (2,000 extra houses plus industrial premises, just for starters).


Gillsmans Park,

St Leonards