Surgery will add to drivers’ woes

I AM a regular user of the Falaise Road car park. At times during the week this car park is full and so alternative places have to be found.

The car park at present is used by indoor bowlers, shoppers to the town, as an overspill from the gym car park, for picking up and dropping off students at the coach park now in Falaise Road, a few users of the old and new biking facility, and the occasional taxi.

To add to this, during the year, it is used by visitors to Hastings, visiting bowls teams to the local clubs, the Hastings Open Bowls Tournament, entrants, family and friends of the Hastings Musical Festival which is a few weeks long, the local annual fair and by visitors to other events being held on the Oval.

Now it has been decided to relocate eight doctors surgeries (as a temporary measure of about 18 months) on the first unused green next to the Falaise car park. All adding to the parking problem.

What a pity some extra thought hasn’t been given to this situation. With eight doctors, their staff and the patient numbers attending the surgeries, this alone, if they all use their own cars, will create considerable extra pressure on parking places.

This pressure I feel, could have been avoided, if not completely, by using the second unused bowling green next to the first one. The mobile units being placed on this second green would have left the first green free for a temporary car park with easy access ( there was a gate to this first green for access) for sole use of the surgery people. It may not have solved all the problem but would have gone a long way to help.

From the start of the surgeries, and with no parking in Falaise Road allowed, there will be many drivers looking around for alternative places.


The Fairway

St Leonards