Support new Scope campaign

MANY readers may not be aware that for thousands of disabled people, social care is a vital part of daily life.

It can be the difference between getting the right support to get out of bed, get washed, dressed and able to leave their homes.

But sadly too many disabled people are being denied help with these basics in life.

The Government will shortly be introducing a new law, the Care and Support Bill into Parliament that will decide the future of the social care system and determine if disabled people will get the

support they need.

It’s a huge opportunity to fix the social care system, and ensure it’s properly funded, but to make this happen, the Government needs to hear from all our customers and local residents that they care about disabled people getting the right social care support to live independent and active lives.

That’s why we’ve launched a new campaign Britain Cares in the Scope shop in Hastings.

We’re urging everyone to come along to the shop during May to find out more about our campaign and how you can get involved as well as pick up a bargain or two.

Together we can send a clear message that the people of Hastings care about disabled people getting the right support in life.


Shop manager

White Rock