Support for politics without party ties

SOME time ago you published a letter from John Breakspeare.

He suggested that political parties should play no part in local politics and that all councillors should be Independents. The thinking behind this was, as I recall, that party politicians are not the representatives of the people but of their party.

Mr Breakspeare called for people who agreed with this point of view to contact him with a view to working with them and bringing true democracy to Hastings.

I was one of those who contacted him, but shortly afterwards Mr Breakspeare became indisposed and was unable to continue his work.

Since, I have continued to give considerable deliberation to his theory and as our country seems to be disappearing deeper into unconsciousness and oblivion, have come to the conclusion that he was right and that the only way for Hastings to endure the next few years without deteriorating even further, is for all of our councillors to understand that they represent the people of Hastings and not their particular political party.

What do Messrs Cameron, Clegg, Miliband know of Hastings, or even care?

The only ones who really know or understand this town, are the people who live here, work here and love it.

Should anyone suffer from being unable to sleep because of the cold, I recommend that they attend a council meeting, where they will experience the high and mighty of our fine borough in full flight.

Vast amounts of hot air are generated to keep you warm, but regardless of the heated arguments as they flow back and forth, it is very boring because no matter how important the subject, the group with most members present will win the vote. No matter should a councillor disagree with their party, they will do as they are told and vote accordingly. This is not democracy.

Other towns have embraced ‘Independent Democracy’; surely the time has come when we deserve a change also? Can we grasp this opportunity?

Please email me at if you support the idea of politics without parties.


Earl Street