Such a shame to see the once great college wasting away

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HOW sad it is to see the once thriving Hastings College slowly crumbling.

The copper pipes, lead, velux windows and even the Victorian light fixtures are gradually being removed by scavengers for scrap.

Last week at 9.30pm we witnessed the piling up of computer monitors by the security fences that were erected to keep out thieves and vandals, but to no avail. We informed local police, who to their credit were on the scene immediately.

But a big question remains: why weren’t the college resources disposed of responsibly prior to the college moving? We hear of white boards being sent to the tip - how many primary schools would have been grateful for those?

We witness computer monitors being piled up by thieves to be collected in the dead of night. How many developing countries would have been grateful for those old computer monitors?

We are told to make do and mend, our councillors tell us to recycle, yet East Sussex County Council (ESCC) has allowed Hastings College to evacuate the site leaving a lot of resources that were paid for by the taxpayer to rot, or be taken by opportunists and thieves instead of being recycled or sent to the Third World.

ESCC should have listened to my grandmother who always said: “Look after the pennies and the pounds look after themselves.”


The Mount