Structures need to be listed

I SAW the story in the Observer ‘Heritage Group set to apply for funding for special researcher’ and am somewhat surprised that the request by Aubrey Ingleton to create a local list of notable structures in the town is taking so long to achieve any results.

Over several years the council’s planning department had shown little interest in requests for them to hold a list of buildings of interest that Hastings people appreciate but were not able to get onto the English Heritage list.

I had expected a wealthy organisation like the Old Hastings Preservation Sociey to take up the issue of submitting a list of the buildings that it considered need to be on a local list in order to achieve its title of preserving old Hastings.

Structures like the Wood Warehouse in Devonshire Road, the 1930s Maxwell Fry style Hastings Station, Priory Street Institute by Walter Liberty Vernon, Hurst Court and a long list of other ‘significant’ buildings on The Ridge are just a few of the recent losses.

Why does it need a Lottery funded researcher for a new organisation when there is an existing Old Hastings Preservation Society which should have all the information to hand and be able to do what their name suggests and preserve old Hastings and that prompts me to ask in the last decade what buildings has the OHPS actually campaigned to save?


Lower Park Road