Strong riposte to ‘weak’ road lobby

IT was very encouraging to see your paper taking such a balanced view of the link road announcement in the December 23rd edition.

However, although you rightly highlight the road’s serious environmental damage, the letters on this subject published since September suggest that objections to the road are widely felt and not limited to those whose primary concern is the environment.

Cllr Jenkins’s letter last week did little to address these objections, merely reiterating the assertion that the road would solve the area’s problems.

Yes - we do need houses and jobs but it is simply unproven that the road would bring jobs to those most in need of them. Reclaiming the many empty houses in this area would be a more productive way to start to provide homes.

Admittedly, this would not be easy but it would be quicker, cheaper and much less damaging than a hugely expensive road leading to an out of town development.

In any case, surely if the road had made sound and undeniable economic sense to the Government, it would have been given funding irrespective of the environmental concerns. This was the case with many other schemes which were endorsed in the autumn statement or in the subsequent December announcement.

Is it not time now for local politicians to have the courage to move their entrenched positions, as rehearsed yet again by Cllr Jenkins, and to admit that not only have environmentalists made a ‘strong case’, as the Observer so fairly points out, but that the road’s promoters have made a weak one?


The Suttons,

St Leonards