Striking out for new tenpin bowling alley

AS a bowler and on behalf of the others who join me on a regular basis, I appeal to like-minded people who enjoy community leisure.

On July 9 Rother District Council (RDC) met for a ‘Question and Answer’ time.

One of the answers included: “There are no plans for Rother District Council (RDC) to purchase land specifically to accommodate the commercial tenpin bowling but we will work with the operators to help them find suitable alternative sites”.

1. There was no mention of the type of help requested or what help might be in the offering.

2. There was an emphasis on the inevitable ‘commercial’ aspects without the important reference to the values of the Ocean Bowling to the community as a whole. Another answer included reference to ‘recognise a need for indoor leisure facilities’.

I do hope this and the statement ‘we will work with the operators to help them find suitable alternative sites’ are reliable and will be fulfilled to the best of RDC’s ability.

Any commercial high street company that would like to build on the site; could with skill and acumen, could construct with a bowling alley beneath its main unit, for the use by their staff and for the benefit of the community.

Community interests include the following:

A) Elderly men and women who might enjoy a time of mildly invigorating exercise.

B) Those special people, who greatly benefit from mental and physical stimuli in a safe social environment.

C) The whole family community which could relax in the welcoming leisure centre.

D) The local youth from schools and the students who bring finance into the area. Last Thursday afternoon (July 12) there wasn’t a lane free of visitors and overseas students.

I hope that this may stir RDC members to rationally and respectively address these points raised now and also those that have been raised in the past.

We regular bowlers do not want to see the Ravenside bowling facilities closed and the revenue transfer further west to Eastbourne.


Ashford Way