Street drinkers are back

THE recent good weather has meant many of us can enjoy much of what the seafront and promenade has to offer.

Unfortunately, if you had ventured down to St Leonards seafront by the clock tower last week, it was not an area you were likely to have found pleasant or enjoyable. The drinkers are back and the whole area around the clock tower stank of urine (it still did several days later).

This was on the upper promenade - I didn’t go to the lower one where the drinkers were and from where the smell obviously came. On two consecutive days the smell was exceptionally strong and on the second day, it was contributed to by one of the drinkers vomiting onto the beach.

I know this is a social problem, but one that the council seems unable to deal with. This has been with us for years and despite a ban on drinking in public (they simply stop when the police/community officers come round) there has been no solution. Would it be tolerated on Hastings’ main beach? St Leonards is apparently on the way ‘up’, but it would appear only in places.

If we accept that the seafront, promenade - and not forgetting central St Leonards - are places for us all to enjoy, then this problem must be seriously addressed. However, it would appear the council is in no hurry to deal with the matter.


Tudor Avenue