Stores’ survival depends on locals

I AM unable to understand the economic logic of your correspondent (‘Anger over pub conversion plan’, Observer, April 5).

In these days of economic hardship it is surely for the customer (who is always right) to decide which company to patronise, price I would suggest in most cases being the deciding factor behind a purchase.

If small businesses cannot compete with the larger concerns then according to the discipline of market competition they will fail. Mrs Thatcher and successive Conservative administrations never tire of telling us, “You cannot buck the market”, though your writer seems to suggest that those of us who would choose to shop at Tesco, should subsidise failing businesses that are unable to contend with the vagaries of the market.

Whether the local shops continue trading after Tesco Express opens I think will rest solely with the good sense of Ore residents, not our New Labour council.


Vale Road

St Leonards