Store plan poses threat to village

WITH family connections dating back to the early 1800s in Ore it would be a nail in the coffin if Tesco were to be allowed to open one of its Express stores in the village.

I personally lived there from the 1940s until 1978 and only moved away because I saw what was happening. Once upon a time we had three fruit and veg shops, a baker’s, three grocers, two butchers, a wet fish shop, four cigarette/newsagents.

Can anyone remember the shoe shop, the two ironmongers, the men’s outfitters and the dairy? These were just a few of the shops that have disappeared from what was once a thriving community.

I spent many a happy hour watching the horses being shod at Mr Eastham’s the blacksmith, helping pump the bellows to his furnace.

Much of this has disappeared with the advent of a large DIY store and supermarket. Tesco being allowed a Express store would sound the death knell for those remaining. In a recent survey of the major supermarkets Tesco came bottom of the pile. This really says it all poor quality, poor service.


Old Roar Road

St Leonards