Stop wasting our money

THE proposals to put in bus priority measures along the A259 Bexhill Road, in my opinion are a complete and utter waste of time and money.

As Victor Meldrew would have said: “I don’t believe it”. We are spending £100 million plus on a new link road which is supposed to get rid of congestion on this route, only to put in bus lanes that should now not be needed or could possibly bring back the congestion that the £100 million link road has just got rid of (e.g. M4 Bus Lane).

Why don’t the highways and East Sussex County Council use this money to fill in the hundreds of potholes around Hastings and St Leonards? Anyone who has driven past the new multi-million pound Hastings Academy on Rye Road can testify, that nine months after the building was finished, the state of the road left is downright scandalous.

Highways purpose spending all this money on ‘bright shiny’ bus lanes and bus stops one end of town, but can not fix the existing road on the other.

We want better roads, not new ways to waste our money.


Winterbourne Close