Stop moaning about traffic

I AM getting fed up with people moaning about The Ridge traffic.

As for Jackie Mitchell’s letter she could do with considering the following:

Firstly don’t moan about the traffic when you are the traffic. What about taking your dog for a walk on foot or at a different time and not rush hour? It’s people taking unnecessary journeys that clogs the roads.

Secondly, when I was a child a long time ago now I admit, kids walked to school, this kept them fit, slim and healthy and stopped the unnecessary car journeys, or they could get the bus.

Thirdly, I note that Jackie has an address, if we don’t build homes people will not have addresses so where would these new homes be built Jackie, presumably not in your back yard. Remember the sites on The Ridge (I believe) are all brownfield sites, the sort we should be building on.

As for the new road I just hope it does as I think it will, which is to relieve Bexhill Road. I often walk on the marshes with my dogs (I walk there from home) and never seem to see the hoards of people who keep moaning about the marshes being built on.

We should have built the road without telling them as they would never have noticed until they took an unnecessary journey along it.

So just remember everybody if you are in a car you are traffic and you are driving on a road that was new once.


Vale Road

St Leonards