Stop calling Link Road as such

COULD we please stop calling this a Link Road, which the county council wants us to believe will simply connect two towns and reduce traffic on the Bexhill Road? This is not what it’s for.

The road’s real purpose is a service road for development - industrial, housing estates and retail parks and supermarkets.

These, under current and prospective planning applications, will cover the Combe Haven valley which currently separates Bexhill and Hastings - classic ribbon development, offering vast profits to the developers.

This will generate an enormous amount of car and lorry traffic in the process, with no bus routes to the new developments but enormous car parks instead. It doesn’t solve traffic problems through a ‘link’, it makes them worse.

So please, let’s call this the Bexhill-Hastings service road. And prepare to lose our identities as separate towns.


Wellington Road