Stop building on green spaces

I must say that I’m amazed at the amount of building and road work that this current Labour-controlled council want to go ahead and the same applies to our MP Amber Rudd.

When I was a child and visiting St Leonards for holidays with my family green land was within easy walking distance but sadly this is not the same now. Once the pastures, fields and woods are gone they are gone forever. Is this what the above mentioned people will leave as a legacy for future generations?

It is cited that new factories will benefit the future of the town but what about the existing ones that stand empty? What about the congestion that will occur on The Ridge, close to schools, a fire station and so on.

It’s enough to make the residents of the crematorium turn in their graves. I remember when there was greenery in Hollington but sadly now Church in the Wood has become Church in the Tree.

So my message is to those named above. Think of the countryside, the animals and the children with nowhere to play in the future.

Let’s not have a council, particularly after the election, that thinks ‘There is a bit of green, lets build on it’. As those who are supposedly looking out for the town’s best interest and don’t care about the environment and ecology of the area I don’t have to curse them as they are a curse unto themselves.

Kevin Carlyon

Dane Road

St Leonards