Sterling service

WE were having our traditional Christmas Day Walk along St Leonards seafront, when we came across the tragedy of a lady who had tried to go for a swim on Christmas Day, as reported in last week’s Observer.

We saw the helpers who had tried to rescue her from the rough sea and waves.

We then saw the whole range of emergency services in action - police, paramedics, ambulance service, fire services, seafront services, Coastguard and Lifeguard services, RNLI (with two lifeboats), and Air Ambulance.

I have never witnessed all these services at the same time, working together to save a life. I counted more than 50 support people, all doing what they had been trained for.

We were so relieved to see the medical team working hard to save a life, and to see the lady brought up to the ambulance.

We prayed that she would be OK, and the efforts of so many people would be rewarded.

Alas, it was with great sadness, that we heard two days later, that the lady had died from head wounds on Boxing Day, and our heart goes out to her relatives and friends.

Even in these unfortunate circumstances, it must be said that no greater effort could have been made to save a life, and all the services involved should be proud to know that they did their best.

It is good to know that we have such wonderful people prepared to come out at any time, and work together for the benefit of the community.

Well done to all the services involved.


Harley Shute Road

St Leonards