Station police could learn from continent

MR Fleming’s letter of last week about the unpleasant atmosphere at Hastings station exemplifies the concerns of many ordinary, decent citizens which are ignored or excused away by those responsible for public environments.

Things are different on the Continent, where acting upon such responsibilities are supported, funded and put into place by governments.

For example, on a visit to Ghent, Belgium last year, I noticed that all station areas were patrolled by pairs of beefy (civil) security guards, each pair accompanied by a large, no-nonsense looking guard dog.

They were there not to intimidate legitimate travellers, but to rapidly move on yobs, drunks, vagrants, aggressive beggars and others who are, by contrast, allowed to pester and sometimes threaten fare-paying travellers in this country.

I note in passing that British Transport Police actually have an office in Hastings Station. Is it just for show?


Park Crescent