Station Plaza not up to scratch

IT’S all gone wrong at Station Plaza. After going so well.

New station, new health centre, Sussex Coast College attracting large numbers

of students to town. What a mess it’s all in. Try getting to Marks and Spencer

from the station, or take a left at the exit, walk to the beach.

Who’s responsible for the razor wire? Adrienne Beaton (Hastings Observer, 3rd December) is right to protest for motorists.

Station Plaza is a £71m development, a key element of the regeneration programme delivered by Sea Space for Hastings and Bexhill Task Force. It’s intended to create an impressive, vibrant gateway for Hastings, connecting the station with the town and the wider coastal region. Due for completion in 2010.

A picture of Station Plaza on the Sea Space website illustrates a landscaped site where now is rubble and razor wire. Who’s doing anything? It’s a shambles. Someone’s responsible.

Questions need be raised about their conduct, and answered.

The contractors need to be brought back to finish the job properly.


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