Station Plaza is a ‘disgrace’ and does Hastings no favours

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I AM writing to add my voice, and those of my parents, to the view of your reader who condemned the condition of Station Plaza in the letters pages last week.

My parents came to stay and I met them from the train. Station Plaza really is a disgrace – the buildings look magnificent, but what you see as you leave the station and walk into town is a rickety wooden fence collapsed onto the pavement gathering litter.

The fence is meant to be protecting some plants and turf but, like the fence, the workmanship is very shoddy.

There are big gaps between the turf and it’s all going brown and unsightly, it must have occurred to those responsible that it will need watering.

I have been defending Hastings to my family ever since I moved here nearly six years ago when my brother, who’s a snob, pointed it out in the Idler Book of Crap Towns as “the town that the rest of the South of England forgot, a very bad version of the 1960s, but with less money about”.

I think Hastings has a lot going for it, especially now the sun’s shining, but the welcome you get at the station does not do Hastings any favours.

Moreover, what example does this set for students at the college, it’s a masterclass in mismanagement.

I use the station quite often and you can see Station Plaza from the train and from the platforms, it appears far from complete.

Is anyone saying when it will be finished or tidied up?

Some readers seem to want to point out what’s wrong with Hastings and I am not one of them, I just want what’s best and it would not take much to make Station Plaza a really good advertisement for visitors and those passing through.

We have had some great days out and saw that all along the seafront and in Warrior Square the gardens are gorgeous, why Station Plaza can’t be the same is bewildering.


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