Stand up to save precious woodland

I READ with interest and concern the issues surrounding Speckled Wood. This is not dissimilar from the situation we face with Robsack Meadow here in Hollington.

This bio diverse site sits directly in the centre of ancient woodland and local nature reserve and is the habitat to many protected species and important flora.

There are several sites in this town which ought never to have been earmarked for development and it is time this council had the courage to put its hands up and say ‘we made a mistake here’.

It is well recorded that woodlands/meadows/scrub/hedgerows are essential in order to maintain the eco system.

Hastings is a small town and it is essential all our woodlands and green spaces should be preserved for future generations. Last year’s furore over the planned sell-off of publicly owned woodland sparked such an uprising that the Government’s U-turn was initiated at great speed.

We must make a stand on this relentless decimation of our woodlands and green spaces here in Hastings. Visit our website to witness what we are up against.

And as for the latest consultation, remember the saying ‘not worth the paper it’s written on’ – so very true – there are those of us here who are under the impression that this consultation was done and dusted long before our views were taken into account.

It is time this council listened to residents.


Whittlewood Close

St Leonards