STAG campaigners grateful for support

SAVE the Archery Ground (STAG) campaign wishes to thank its many supporters for their generous and often loud condemnation of Gladedale’s proposal for the Archery Ground in Burtons’ St Leonards.

That the plan will not go ahead is thanks in no small part to the tireless efforts of our MPs Amber Rudd and Michael Foster previously. Other vital political support came from the next generation, represented by James Bacon (Labour candidate in the recent local government election) and Rob Lee (Conservative campaigner).

Our ward councillor Maureen Charlesworth, together with councillors of both parties who vetoed the plan, plus important interest groups such as English Heritage, exceptional individuals, such as architect and planning expert Stephen Gray, and Janette Gallini, all gave crucial advice and support over the three-years of the campaign, and have our heartfelt gratitude.

More thanks are due to our rank and file who have attended local meetings, given generously and held the faith.

STAG will continue to reflect and serve the interests of the local community, future generations, and visitors, who will be grateful that our unique Regency new town, designed by the Burtons 200 years ago, is still a heritage feature of beauty and significance. Please check the STAG websites for updates.




STAG executive team

Quarry Hill

St Leonards