Staff numbers are just overkill

I’D just like to put another spin on the spending by East Sussex County Council (ESCC) on ‘protecting’ ‘the Bexhill to Hastings Link Road.

Last Sunday my friends and I set off for a nice country walk to Combe Haven Valley, enjoying the fresh air and beautiful views. We happened to pass close to the new Combe Haven Defenders camp and the area where we assumed hedge cutting was going on.

Except, for some hours, there was one solitary defender peacefully standing around to keep an eye on what was happening and about 20 security/workmen also standing around doing nothing.

They were literally standing alone or in two’s, by trees, in cars, vans or just chatting and shuffling their feet. Our group couldn’t quite believe it, it was a surreal picture.

Yes, that is a waste of money and I’d say overkill in terms of how many staff you need to protect yourself against one solitary defender of the trees.


Pevensey Road

St Leonards