Split opinions over Vladymyr Buchak’s return

VLADYMYR Buchak, the sham marriage fixer who has arrived back in St Leonards is not a danger to the public, but why did he serve less than one year of his four-year sentence and why did he even have to serve that much time?

Having been found guilty of his crimes and the fact that he was here with a false passport and using a false name should have meant that he was immediately deported.

Our MP Amber Rudd is right to be outraged, but this problem is not just one man in this town, it is a national problem.

In its Manifesto the Conservative Party promised:

‘We are determined that early release will not be introduced again. We will extend early deportation of foreign national prisoners. These prisoners will only be able to leave jail after their minimum sentence is served by having earned their release, not simply by right.’

Yet since coming to office, Conservative MP Theresa May, who is also the Home Secretary, has allowed around 30 convicted foreign prisoners to be released from jail and to escape deportation.

A convicted Nigerian rapist of a 13-year-old girl, who exhausted all avenues of appeal for being allowed to stay in this country has now been given the ‘right to a private life in Britain’ by the European Court of Human Rights, who cited his education and ‘exemplary’ conduct since his release, this despite his not having a wife or children in the UK.

The reason this has been allowed to happen is, quite simply, that two years elapsed before the Home Office even began action to deport him, by which time he had gained three A-levels and was working for a degree in banking.

It is about time this Government put first the human rights of its own law-abiding citizens who are forced to live with these foreign criminals in their midst.


Battle Road

St Leonards