Speed road imposition doomed to failure

THE attempt by Councillors Birch and Chowney to persuade East Sussex Highways to impose a 20mph speed limit along Frederick Road is doomed to failure.

Why? Because the enforcement of traffic laws and regulations is 100 per cent dependent on a police presence. Up here in north Hastings seeing a patrolling police officer is such a rare event that we tell each other about it.

Secure in the knowledge that the arm of the law is elsewhere, drivers drive and park as they please up here. Building developers put their vehicles wherever it suits them, parents cover all straight and zigzag yellow lines with their cars at school times and many drivers regard our two (we only have two) zebra crossings as a game of chance.

Therefore, until there is a constant police presence in this part of the borough, petitions of any kind are a waste of time and money.

Also, even a 5mph limit won’t stop HGV drivers ignoring the ‘Unsuitable’ road signs as they only believe their sat-nav voice’s instructions. Until the vehicle becomes stuck. Then they expect a police rescue.

All The Ridge feeder roads suffer from speeders and huge vehicles. Frederick Road is by no means the worst rat-run. Ask the residents of Elphinstone Road, Pilot Road, upper St Helen’s Down and Victoria Avenue for their tales of woe.

The councillors should devote their efforts to demanding that ESCC Highways ensures that the sat-nav companies remove our narrow steep roads from their update programs. If these roads cease to appear on drivers’ screens we might get some peace from arrogant motorists.



Pilot Field Area Residents’ Association