Space wasted at former college site

I am writing in reply to the letter in the Observer (Sept 16) from Mrs H Ralph. As a current mature student at Sussex Coast College Hastings (formerly studying at Archery Road) I too am shocked by what has happened to the former college site.

Many students and tutors put in bids for equipment before the end of term, having agreed prices with the college, but the former principal stopped these sales in June 2010.

She then arranged an auction run by an assets company in the north of England, which was not advertised locally, so hardly anybody knew about it.

A lot of equipment was left unsold and items which did sell (at prices less than we had offered) were also subject to VAT and commission costs, further reducing the income for the college.

I have repeatedly written to the staff and governors but not had any response. I am still owed money I paid for items I never received.

It is heartbreaking so see perfectly useable equipment still lingering in the building and it is outrageous that it is now being left outside to rot.

There are many problems within the new building and does not have sufficient resources to replace the equipment which was drastically undersold. For example we do not have our own lockers, despite the fact that there had been perfectly good ones at Archery Road.

There is a general feeling that there was a missed opportunity to recycle and sell equipment which would have benefited the college and the current students and the wider artistic community.

On another note, it is disappointing that we are unable to continue to study stained glass, which was a module of our degree course as we are told there is not room at our new college.

I find this hard to believe given the space within the building.


The Lawn, St Leonards