Something magical about Marine Court

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I WOULD like to agree with Jeanie Witcombe’s letter in the Observer (January 27) regarding Marine Court.

I have been a resident of Marine Court since 2010 and I am struggling, like many other residents, to pay the very high service charges which includes my percentage as a resident of the building works for Marine Court.

It is a huge financial burden that myself and other residents bear. I am just keeping my head above water in these financially unstable economic times.

I persist with the payments as I know there will be a day when Marine Court will be brought back to her former glory and it will all be worth it in the end.

I think it is a valid point that it would be wonderful if the phase two developments could be completed by locally-sourced skilled tradesmen. I only hope that local companies read this letter, and it will encourage them to step up and enter their tender in time.

I love living in Marine Court. It is truly a magical place like no other. The inside of the building is like stepping back into an Art Deco era. And it is akin to living on a cruise ship from the 1930s.

A friend of mine who once visited me was amazed at the view of the sea. Whenever we have a storm, it feels so near as the sheer expanse of sea and sky is enormous from my balcony. I would not want to live anywhere but here.

It is true that we have a very strong community spirit. When I first moved here, I was amazed at how friendly everyone was. Most of the porters and especially the head porter Glen, do an exceptional job here. We are so lucky to have them and really appreciate all their hard work.

I would like to give a big hearty thanks to our directors past and present who have freely ploughed their services, time and energy into Marine Court. It really is a labour of love.


Marine Court

St Leonards